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Frequently Asked Questions :
How many records are there on the database?
We cover USA, UK, Canada and India.To see the latest records status on the database please visit our Sample Data and Information section.
How do I receive the data?
Our unique export panel provides a facility to export the data in excel sheet based on different criteria. You can view and browse the data online too by using search tool in Explore data panel.
How many times can I export data?
Once you pay the fees your license is activated for one year. You can export the data any number of times till your license remains activated.
Can I see the Sample data?
Please visit our Sample Data and Information section for details.
Is number of beds, email, and url is present for every hospital?
No, still there are many hospitals and clinics world wide not having their online presence that is why we do not provide this information with every record in the database. But we keep updating information and you would get these details with maximum records before your first year license expires.
Is there any discount to renew license?
Yes, all renewal gets 10% straight discount from current cost of the product.
Can I speak to someone on the phone?
We would prefer you send an email to us
Where does data come from?
We are using various online and offline resources for collect the data. These resources are
1. Internet: Our admin team constantly checks the existing websites of the hospitals to collect and update the information if there are any changes.
2. Hospital authorities also visit our site and update their data on their own.
3. We also refer various local directories to update the data.
At what frequency data updates on HDC?
Data on Hospital data center is being updated on real-time from a number of different sources. So, changes take place on every working hour.
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