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User's Guide
Export All Records
By default all the records are selected. You do not need to select any State or Town.
Selecting State and Town
You can select single town or state by double click or clicking ">" button. ">>" button is use to select all the states or towns at once.
Remove the selected town or state
"<" button used to remove the state or town from the selected list. Double clicking on the selected list or town can remove the specific state or town. "<<" this button is used to remove all the selected towns or states from the selected list.
Sort order preference
By default records are sorted on "State,Town,Hospital Name", but you can change your sort order preferences by selecting the option from the "sort order" drop down list.
Additional columns selection
By default only essential columns are selected in export, e.g., Name, Address, etc. You can select additional columns also by checking the opion, e.g., "Include Email Address", "Include number of Beds"
Export on number of beds criteria
You can export the hospitals based on the number of beds criteria, e.g., Beds >= 10
Generate File button
This option is used to export data in excel sheet. You can download the file directly to your desktop and use it as per your requirement.
"View Data" button
View Data button is used to see the address and details of the hospitals online. You can browse and print individual hospital labels from explore data section.
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